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To KURRIERA Pharaoh Hounds

The home of award winning Pharaoh Hounds who are “fit for purpose”. This breed of hound is a rabbit hunting sight/scent hound. Who are very lively and intelligent, they do not suffer fools and often appear aloof to strangers. They are fun loving and are always looking for trouble, which for a Pharaoh Hound is not far away. They will get out of anywhere and get into anything and then smile at you with a huge toothy grin as they wait for you to laugh at them and tell them they are wonderful. They are a very Happy Breed.

The Merymut Story

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We were first introduced to Pharaoh Hounds in 2003 when quite by chance we were offered the opportunity to “re-home” the most beautiful older Pharaoh Hound bitch called MERYMUT KEMENA from the VERY famous MERYMUT KENNELS.

That was it, we were hooked we had found the breed of dog that was right for us (or I should say that they had found us).

Kemena settled in and our world changed as she opened up the wonderful world of living with a Pharaoh Hound.

They know who is boss..... They Are!!!

It is all down to a beautiful old lady who just needed a home....

First picture is Merymut Kemena as a young girl, right of that is as she was on her 14th Birthday. It is with great sadness that our beloved Kemena died on the 23rd September 2009.  Big “K” has left a BIG hole in our lives but our love of Pharaoh Hounds which she gave us lives on through Talkaccatur Christmas Star over Kurriera also Lyncris Dizzy Miss Lizzy of Kurriera Sh.CM  and Ch. Lyncris Good Day Sunshine for Kurriera. Now we have the lovely Kurriera Tamara De Lempicka (Honey’s daughter) to follow on…



At the Hound Association Championship Show (Houndshow)

6th August 2016

Under Judge Mrs Gabriele Schroeter from Germany

Ch. Lyncris Good Day Sunshine for Kurriera (Honey) wins CC & BOB, Her son Ch. Kurriera Orlando at Lyncris wins the dog CC and her daughter Kurriera Tamara De Lempicka wins Res.CC

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